Completed Projects

Residential complex "Tsar's Capital" St. Petersburg, Russia

Material Bateig Azul sandstone figured finished surface

Architectural studio "Eugeniy Gerasimov and partners". Photo - Yuriy Slavtsov

bateig_azul_project_2 bateig_azul_project_3
bateig_azul_project_6 bateig_azul_project_7


Luxury Private Residence (Sistiana, Italy)

Internal works, marble, onice, quarzite, selection materials, cut to size, montage

Palissandro blue marble Onice Ivory
marble paonazzo bathroom Quarzite Bianco Gold countertop
Marble macchia Vecchia - paonazzo Marble macchia Vecchia
Quarzite Bianco countertop Quarzite Smeralda
Quarzite Bianco Gold Tropical Blue marble Palissandro Blue marble preinstalation

Luxury Private Residence ****** (Crimea, Russia)

Internal works of design, 3D finished Botticcino Clasico Extra marble

Botticcino_3D_marble_works_4 Botticcino_3D_marble_works_4
Botticcino_3D_marble_works_1 Botticcino_3D_marble_works_3

Hotel Ambassadori ***** (Tbilisi, Georgia)

External works, facade, columns and main ladder. Material Isolda Cream marble

Isolda_Cream_marble_fachada_1 Isolda_Cream_marble_fachada_2
Isolda_Cream_marble_4 Isolda_Cream_marble_5

Internal works - floor - mosaic waterjet. Materials Botticcino Fiorito light, Black and Gold, Light Emperador marbles

Botticcino_Fiorito_Light_marble Botticcino_Fiorito_Light_marble_waterjet_works_2 Botticcino_Fiorito_Light_marble_waterjet_works_3

 Private Luxury residence. Jurmala ( Latvia)

External works of facade - material Sunset Gold granite - G682 

Granite_Sunset Gold_G682_1 Granite_Sunset Gold_G682_2
Granite_Sunset Gold_G682_3 Granite_Sunset Gold_G682_4
Granite_Sunset Gold_G682_5 Granite_Sunset Gold_G682_6
Granite_Sunset Gold_G682_7 Granite_Sunset Gold_G682_8
Granite_Sunset Gold_G682_9 Granite_Sunset Gold_G682_10

 Internal works - Materials: Crema Marfil, Dark Emperador, Crema Valencia, Giallo Atlantida, Amarillo Triana marbles.

Onice Orange. Granite Cafe Brazil, Ivory Brown, Giallo Ornamental.

Crema_Marfil_y_Onice_Orange Crema_Valencia_y_Dark_Emperador_marbles Rosa_Aurora_marble
Amarillo_Triana_marble Daino_Reale_marble
Giallo_Atlantida_marble_Giallo_Ornamental_granite Mascarello_Gold_granite

   Private mosque (Kazakhstan) - Bianco macael Marble

Bianco_Macael_Marble_5 Bianco_Macael_Marble_1
Bianco_Macael_Marble_3 Bianco_Macael_Marble_4

 Monument of memory of seamen of polar escorts during the war 1941-1945.  St. Petersburg (Russia)

Material - Azul Noche granite

Azul_Noche_granite_monument_1 Azul_Noche_granite_monument_2

Famous Trade Center "Detsky Mir" (Children's World)  Lubyanka street, Moscow

Materials - Arctic White granite, Solarius granite, African Red granite, Serizzo Antigorio granite

Detskiy_Mir-1 Detskiy_Mir-2 Detskiy_Mir-3
granite_panno_1 granite_panno_2
granite_panno_3 granite_panno_4
granite_details_1 granite_details_2

Mercury-City tower  Moscow International Business Center "Moscow City" (Russia)

 All inside revetment. Materials -Breccia Oroe aluminium honey comb, Onyx White on the glass


Hotel (Sochi , Russia)

Materials: Marbles - Crema Marfil, Dark Empreador, Light Emperador Buniol

Crema_Marfil_BelloStone_GmbH_1 Crema_Marfil_BelloStone_GmbH_3
Dark_Emperador_BelloStone_GmbH_2 Light_Emperador_BelloStone_GmbH_4
Dark_Emperador_BelloStone_GmbH_5 Light_Emperador_BelloStone_GmbH_6

Theatre "MARIINSKY" ( Saint-Petersburg, Russia)

Materials: Marble Light Emperador Castril, Onyx Orange

Onyx_Orange_BelloStone_GmbH_1 Onyx_Orange_BelloStone_GmbH_2
Light_Emperador_marble_BelloStone_GmbH_4 Light_Emperador_marble_BelloStone_GmbH_2
Onyx_Orange_BelloStone_GmbH_3 Light_Emperador_marble_BelloStone_GmbH_3
Onyx_Orange_BelloStone_GmbH_4 Onyx_Orange_BelloStone_GmbH_5 Onyx_Orange_BelloStone_GmbH_6

Order of Moscow government - delivery of the material to change the urban design of Tverskaya Street (Russia, Moscow)

Material - Granite Red Multicolor Bolivar

Multicolor_Red_Bolivar_granite_project_01 Multicolor_Red_Bolivar_granite_project_02
Multicolor_Red_Bolivar_granite_project_03 Multicolor_Red_Bolivar_granite_project_04
Multicolor_Red_Bolivar_granite_project_05 Multicolor_Red_Bolivar_granite_project_06

Grand Hotel "Aleksandrovskiy",  Vladikavkaz city,  (Russia)

Materials: Crema marfil marble, Rojo Alicante marble, Palissandro Clasico marble, Light Emperador Buniol marble

Crema_Marfil_marble Crema_marfil_slabs
Palissandro_Clasico_project Palissandro_Clasico_slabs
Rojo_Alicante_Slabs Crema_Marfil_stairs
Rojo_Alicante_marble Crema_Marfil_project Crema_Marfil_tiles

The Head office of "Rolls Royce" company, Moscow (Russia),

Material - Moca Cream grano fino limestone honed

Rolls_Roys_works_BelloStone_1 Rolls_Roys_works_BelloStone_2
Rolls_Roys_works_BelloStone_3 Rolls_Roys_works_BelloStone_4
Rolls_Roys_BelloStone_6 Rolls_Roys_BelloStone_5

The Head Office of oil company "Lukoil", Tashkent (Uzbekistan)

Material - Dark Emperador Gold marble polished

LukOil_BelloStone_works_4 LukOil_BelloStone_works_4
LukOil_BelloStone_works_2 LukOil_BelloStone_works_3

The facade of the residential complex "Dominion", Moscow (Russia), 

Material - Blanco Estremoz marble polished

Dominion_works_BelloStone_1 Dominion_works_BelloStone_2
Dominion_works_BelloStone_3 Dominion_works_BelloStone_4
Dominion_works_BelloStone_5 Dominion_works_BelloStone_5

Museum of the monument "Worker and Farm Girl", Moscow (Russia)

Materials - Rojo Alicante marble, Crema Marfil marble, African Red Siena granite polished

Monument_works_BelloStone_1 Monument_works_BelloStone_2
Monument_works_BelloStone_2 Monument_works_BelloStone_2
Monument_works_BelloStone_8 Monument_works_BelloStone_7

Entrance group of pharmaceutical company "Pharmak", Kiev (Ukraine)

Matrerial - Blanco Ibiza marble finished Rockface, Azul Macaubas quartzite polished

Farmac_works_BelloStone_1 Farmac_works_BelloStone_2
Farmac_works_BelloStone_4 Farmac_works_BelloStone_3

Moscow International Business Center "Moscow City" (Russia) -The Company Head office

Rojo Alicante marble, Onyx Red Fantasia, Crema Marfil marble, Dark Emperador marble, Black and Gold marble polished

Moscow_City_Bellostone_1 Moscow_City_Bellostone_2
Moscow_City_Bellostone_3 Moscow_City_Bellostone_6
Moscow_City_Bellostone_4 Moscow_City_Bellostone_5
Moscow_City_Bellostone_7 Moscow_City_Bellostone_8

 Swimming pool in private VIP residence ( Moscow ).

Materials - Anasol marble finished 3D wave, Rosso Luana marble polished

Swimming_pool_BelloStone_1 Swimming_pool_BelloStone_2
Swimming_pool_BelloStone_3 Swimming_pool_BelloStone_4
Swimming_pool_BelloStone_5 Swimming_pool_BelloStone_5

Residence " La Casa Tina " Tbilisi, Georgia

Materials - marble Crema Marfil, Dark Emperador Gold. Figured panel.

La_casa_Tina_1 _BelloStone_GmbH La_casa_Tina_2 _BelloStone_GmbH La_casa_Tina_3 _BelloStone_GmbH
La_casa_Tina_4 _BelloStone_GmbH La_casa_Tina_8 _BelloStone_GmbH
La_casa_Tina_6 _BelloStone_GmbH La_casa_Tina_7 _BelloStone_GmbH

Panels onyx backlight. Office of commercial company, Moscow, Russia

Barrok_BelloStone Barrok_BelloStone

Our company is specialized in supplying of natural stone to constructions of any complexity.
 We guarantee the best quality. Below you can find our completed projects.

Central Tax Inspection, Moscow (Russia)

Head Office of Oil Company "Rosneft". St. Petersburg (Russia)

Facade of Town Hall Building, Ufa (Russia)

Shopping Center Crocus City, Moscow (Russia)

Head Office of the Architectural Bureau "ART & Space, Munich (Germany)

Apartments in the Kremlin, Moscow (Russia)

General Consulate of Spain in Moscow (Russia)

Conference Hall of Company "Inter - North", Moscow (Russia)

Business Hotel "Orion", Vladimir (Russia)

Airport "Corvera" Murcia (Spain)

Shopping center "Diagonal Carrefour" Alicante (Spain)

"Domodedovo" Aerohotel ( Moscow, Russia)

Terminal N 4 of Aeroport "Riga" Latvia

 Actually under supplying:

VIP hotel and plant of breeding horses Zetta Sport ( Dusseldorf , Germany)

Private property project, Montenegro

Luxury ptivate property Barcelona (Spain)


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