Cut-to-size products


Cut-to-size products and mosaics.

Stages of transformation of raw natural stone in most subtle cut-to-size pieces.

Using of modern equipment allows us to elaborate most sophisticated and unique design.

Elaboration of pannels (carpets) made ​​of marble, granite and onyx.

Panel_Blanco_Ibiza_and_Nero_marquina_marbles  Panel_Dark_Emperador_and_Crema_Marfil_marbles 

Rosettes of natural stone - onyx, marble, quartzite, granite.

marble medallion_1  marble_medallion

 Mosaics - marble, travertine, onyx - Florentine mosaic

Travertine Mosaic Medallion  Marble_mosaic_medallion

 Marble 3D - our company is one of very few capable to make this work of art.

marble_treatment_wave  limestone_treatment_wave

 Cut-to-size pieces of marble, granite, onyx - for framing of fountains, stairs, interior and exterior.

Detalles Facade Dark Emperador Gold marble 1 Detalles Front side Dark Gold marble Detalles Facade Dark Gold marmol

Marble, granite, onyx and limestone stairs and balustrades.

balaustrada_marble  balaustre_marble

Bathtubs, washbasins made of monolithic granite, marble, limestone and onyx blocks.

Bath_monolith_marble  Bath_monolith_bazalt

Spectacular stone fireplace with a unique design.

fireplace_marble  fireplace_white_marble

 Columns, capitals, cornices, pilasters of marble, granite, quartzite, limestone, onyx.

Marble_columns  marble_semicolumns

 Hand made sophisticated pieces made of natural slate (we are one of few producers of these products)

slate_interiors_works  slate_exterior_works

Complex exclusive granite projects which include design, manufacture and installation.

spanish_granite_project  spanish_granite_project_exterior


Small works videos of fabrication process


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